What Hamilton College faculty and staff thought of Kristin's health and wellness coaching...

Creating a plan of action

"I found the sessions incredibly useful as I tried to figure out which direction I want to take my career. Kristin is thoughtful, intuitive and a fantastic problem solver. She helped me take vague goals like "publish more" and transform them into concrete steps to take."

"It was very helpful in stressful times to have a sounding board in Kristin and try to work on cultivating better habits. I especially liked how we hammered out a specific plan together, rather than just discuss generally things that would be worth pursuing. I often have an idea of lifestyle changes that would be good to make, but do less well in following through, which makes the action plan valuable."

"Kristin was very nice and encouraging. Setting up deadlines with her helped me feel more accountable."

Meeting you where you are

"Kristin has definitely made a difference for me! She is a kind, intuitive person who is a wonderful listener. She offers plentiful suggestions and adapts willingly and without judgement if goals are not achieved. She has a great sense of humor and is not only well-qualified for the position, but also goes above and beyond to help her clients. "

"These were very helpful. I appreciated Kristin's open-mindedness to working with my particular lifestyle and health issues and the fact that a personalized plan was implemented rather than a forced regimen based on a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Great job!"

"I enjoyed the creating of options for my work situation to make sure to eat regularly. I also liked how she had me start slow to get back into working out especially considering my bad knees. She also shared some recipes with me, which was really nice."

How it feels to work with Kristin

"Kristin's counseling has been life changing for me. I have a new resilience in my pursuit of health and weight loss. I have changed my self-image, thanks to her sessions. Thank you!"

"Kristin is easy to talk to and is solution/goal-oriented. She never judges, she advises. She's made me feel comfortable with my, sometimes, imperfect attempts and she is incredibly patient, understanding, supportive and kind."

"Kristin was great at helping me find ways to work around temporary limitations to continue on a wellness path that worked for me. I highly recommend her as a coach."

"It's a great space to talk through struggles and issues and get not only perspective and validation, but also a sense of forward motion. Thanks!"

"I felt you listened carefully and closely to what I was saying and gave helpful suggestions to help me focus on finding a solution. Thank you!"

"Kristin is knowledgeable and encouraging regarding health and wellness!"

"I am very happy with Kristin's expertise, professionalism, and support. From diet/nutrition to strategies to enhance balance and core strength she was immensely helpful. What a great resource to have for our Health and Wellness initiatives!"

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