The Mother of All Mother's Days

I get it.


You know a vegan diet can improve your health, or at least you're pretty certain it's worth a shot, but have no idea where to start. don't know what you'd eat. cook for yourself and kids and a partner (or some combination of those) who may not be so excited to try this. work full-time. is already busy enough. feels overwhelming.


You know life is already too short and you NEED to do something about your health, and... so the cycle begins again.

All those reasons not to take on this change right now, EVERY ONE of them fit me. Let's also throw in working multiple jobs, being an embarassingly picky eater, and being in the midst of major DIY house renovations.

Just like there never seems to be a perfect time to have kids, there's never a perfect time to make a change. However, unlike having kids, the best time to make a change for the better is always NOW. No matter what.

The great thing about making a change is it doesn't need to be perfect right from the start. It's a process, it's malleable. Thank goodness that's true or I wouldn't be where I am now. Our change to a vegan diet was messy and filled with mistakes. It was also fantastic and filled with success.

Let me share with you the basic story...

My husband is a professor. His brother, is a professor. His other brother, is a professor. But his father...was a professor. When we were dating, his father underwent triple bypass surgery because he has coronary artery disease. This is when the heart is strong, but the arteries coming out of the heart have plaque buildup. During surgery, a piece of that plaque, which cholesterol plays a role in forming, broke loose and caused a blockage of blood flow to parts of his brain. My now father-in-law lost his ability to speak clearly and with ease. This meant an immediate and unplanned retirement from a profession clearly revered in his family. Since then, he has battled further ailments including diabetes, which has resulted in amputations of toes.

Diabetes is the NUMBER ONE reason for amputation in this country.

Fast forward a few years and my now husband is having cholesterol issues of his own. His doctor has prescribed a statin. His blood pressure is creeping up, and his doctor is recommending blood pressure medication.

We have 2 young children at this point, and I am pretty sure I know exactly what our future is going to look like. It's not the path I want to take. I am convinced we HAVE TO do something.

So, as a health coach and scientist at heart, I research and am convinced that a vegan diet is what we need to try. But I want to make sure I do it right, so I take T. Colin Campbell's certification course in plant-based nutrition. It only strengthens my convictions.

On Mother's Day 2012 (because, really, who is going to argue with me on Mother's Day?!), with a 4-yo and 6-yo (who already know ice cream, chicken, and cheese) and a husband whose family gatherings center around and are a celebration of the the foods served, I announce we are going vegan. We made vegan meals in our home, but allowed our children to choose what they ate outside of the house (my kids both chose on their own to become fully vegan).

The end result? No more statin for my husband, and he never went on that blood pressure medication.

Did we make the change like flipping a switch and reap all the benefits?

OMG, no.

There were cereal-for-dinner saves (more than I'd like to admit), meals tossed into the compost, frustrations, feelings of missing out (hello, classroom birthday party cupcakes), awkward social moments, and even some tears (I won't say whose).

It was worth every struggle. Every hiccup. Every dinner table discussion.

It was worth it.

We are in control of our health. We, as a family. We, as in you and me. The power is yours.

Food is medicine.

We are in control of what we put on our plate. You can literally choose to feed your body disease-promoting, animal cruelty-perpetuating, climate crisis-contributing food

...or not.

My kids are 12 and 13 now. They are healthy, lean, muscled athletes. They make the connection between food, health, how they feel, the power of individual choices, and their impact on the world around them.

YOU can make this change. With someone on your side, pointing the way, helping you take each step, it's much, much easier than making Mother's Day proclamations and bushwhacking your way forward.

Call me. Email me. Let's talk. The future healthy you is out there, just waiting to meet you.

Looking for some individual guidance to start your vegan journey? Or maybe some help you stick to it once and for all? Click 👉 Getting Started 👈 and take action now!

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