Getting Started

Want to know if I am the right vegan guide for you?

Curious how I’ll help you make this transition?

Wondering what it’s going to take for you to be successful?


...the down and dirty on "Where do you get your protein?" and "What about Vitamin B12?",
...the basics about how to eat a healthy vegan diet,
...someone to introduce you to these new foods and ingredients and tell you what they are used for, to read labels for hidden animal products,
...and those other "Seriously, how the heck do you do this vegan thing?" questions answered be part of an intimate community where everyone is supported,
...the accountability and routine of weekly check-ins and progress updates, hear from others about what's working for them and ideas and experiences they've had, not feel rushed and know you've got some time to get this stuff figured out, and also get some personalized coaching from me
...a full-service program with more interaction,
...a greater level of support,
...a program that sticks with you for 3-4 months to ensure you've got this vegan thing down and can go on to reap the benefits,


What is a Vegan Success Session?
The Success Session is an opportunity for us get to know each other and figure out whether my coaching style and the design of my program is a good fit for you. It’s important to me that your goals and mine align and that we are clear on the process.

During this 45-60 minute phone call we will:

  • Clarify what has changed for you, prompting you to take action now, including what you most identified with in my welcome letter,
  • Identify what unique challenges you are facing in making living as a vegan a reality for you and your family and what skills, knowledge, or insight may be missing,
  • Outline a plan of action that addresses your biggest concerns to make this change as smooth as possible, and
  • Address any questions that you may have about working closely together to achieve your dream of living in integrity with your values and health goals.

Finally, if we both think my work is a great fit for your needs and that I can be a good guide for you to make the breakthrough to living your best vegan life, then we’ll talk about the possibility of working together and what that would look like.

Signing up and scheduling your Success Session is easy!
There are two simple steps to complete so that we can get on the phone and have this session. Just click below and you’ll be transferred to my online scheduling site where you’ll be prompted to:

1.) Pick a session time:
Choose a time that best works for you and we’ll connect!

2.) Fill out the application:
Please, fill out the application completely. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. This information is to give me a sense of who you are and what your needs are and is absolutely confidential.

This session is completely free for qualified applicants. This is my way of making sure that I can be of help to you and that I am the right coach for you.

Book your Vegan Success Session now!

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